Debbie Vogelsberg

Musical Director


Before teaching and acting as Musical Director at St. Louis, Debbie Vogelsberg taught one year in the Rocky Ford School District where she traveled to three different schools. After Rocky Ford, “Mrs. V” was a para in the Big Sandy School District in Simla, Colorado.  She has been at St. Louis Catholic Parish & School since 1981.  At that time, St. Louis didn’t have a music program for the students, so she volunteered to teach the kindergarten class music one day a week. The second grade teacher heard about it and asked if she could also teach music to her class, so the first year she had kindergarteners and second graders. The following year, the principal asked if Mrs. V. if she could teach grades K-6th.  Mrs. V. did this as a volunteer for three years.

In 1985 she taught at the ELC (which was called St. Louis Preschool) and taught the Pre-K class for seven years while also teaching music at the school. The children and families that she met while teaching here have been a real blessing in her life.

Mrs. Vogelsberg has a Bachelor of Music and Level I Orff training from Colorado State University and Kodaly Certification from Portland State University.  She continues to go to workshops offered by our local Kodaly chapter, keeping up with the latest trends in music education.

Mrs. V. believes that music of the best quality is what each student deserves, whether it is by listening, playing or performing. She believes that music is a skill that is developed over time and that each element of music is attainable for each student at their own rate of development.  “Doing” is an important part of her music classroom.  The students learn by doing, whether it is singing, playing, or moving. One teacher that she knew said that music is a verb!

Mrs. V.  lives in Lafayette with her husband of 44 years, Jerry.  They have two children, Amy and Aaron.  Amy is a general music teacher and her son, Aaron, is a high school band director.  They have four beautiful grandchildren, Mary, Ellie, Noah, and Hannah.  She loves to garden and putt around the house.

“I can’t think of another place that I would rather teach and perform music than at St. Louis Catholic School.”

Contact Mrs. V. if you are interested in joining the St. Louis Parish Choir and Music Program. Email: – Phone: 303.666.6401

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