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The Mass is an inexhaustible source of meaning and grace. Through the sacred liturgy of the Church, the action of the Mass carries on Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation, incorporates us into Christ through communion, and instructs us through God’s Word. The celebration of the Mass and the other sacred liturgies is the center of our parish life.  These celebrations are supported by the following liturgical ministries and services.


Kids in motion. Minds in motion. Spirits in motion. St. Louis is a place of formation for children from preschool through eighth grade, animated by our active community, and guided by the grace of God.

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Religious Education

Our mission at St. Louis is to help you as parents/guardians to nurture and foster growth in the Catholic faith of your children.

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Parish Life

Looking for other ways to get involved at St. Louis or enrich your parish life?

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Liturgical Ministries

Recognizing the Gospel’s call to serve others, St. Louis strives to match the skills and interests of our community to serve the needs of the church in many forms.

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Music Ministry

Music, which is both beautiful and sacred, and which encompasses the richness of our Catholicism is one way we experience Christ and bring Him to others.

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